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The Moundreas family name appeared in the Piraeus market for the first time as a shipping services entity in 1919. Since then, regardless of the political and economic circumstances, it has always stood by the side of its numerous clients, playing an important role in the development of the shipping industry in Greece.

In the years following World War II, the company expanded rapidly as a second generation emerged alongside the founders. The firm successfully claimed a significant share of market activity in chartering and sale and purchase of second-hand vessels. In particular, it acted as a pioneer through fostering strong ties with the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, opening up the Chinese market for chartering and conducting some of the first second-hand sale and purchase transactions for Japanese vessels.

An internal reorganisation led to the establishment of GEORGE MOUNDREAS & COMPANY, S.A. in 1974. Under the wise guidance of the late Sotiris Moundreas (+1987), a legendary name in the Piraeus shipbroking world, his son George S. Moundreas took charge of the company's future development and guided it to its current position of strength and high reputation.

The new century has brought to the forefront the third generation of family management of GEORGE MOUNDREAS & COMPANY, S.A. Today, the President's sons, Pavlos Moundreas (Vice Persident) and Vassilis Moundreas (Director), promise many more years of continuity and success in the future.

Fields of Activity:


Newbuilding Contracting

Newbuilding contracting as a shipbroking field of activity in Greece began in the early 1970s and gradually became a main source of income to those shipbrokers who grasped the need for Greek shipping to renew its fleet. Our company was aware of the change in trend at an early stage, and thanks to a system business focus we soon became a leader in the field, virtually monopolising newbuilding contracting in Greece from the early 1990s onwards.

We have been instrumental in researching, negotiating and placing numerous, substantial shipbuilding orders in Japan, Korea, P. R. China and certain European countries, such as Croatia. Over the years, our company also placed a number of shipbuilding projects with Greek builders.

Sale & purchase

Sale and purchase of second-hand vessels has historically been a very important method of fleet renewal for Greek shipping. Accordingly, our company has maintained its strong expertise in this area. Contrary to bilateral placement of a shipbuilding order, S&P needs the co-operation of a wide net of shipbrokers specialising in that field. Thanks to our connections and experience, all European and Japanese sale candidates are brought to the notice of our Greek clients, while exclusive opportunities can be placed at their disposal too. Ensuring our company is competitive in sourcing exactly the right ship and the best business opportunity, a number of capable brokers sweep world markets on a daily basis.

At the same time, we also provide a service at the other end of the cycle in leading obsolete, old tonnage to selected scrap yards.

Repairs & Conversions

While contracting of Newbuildings and Sale and Purchase of second-hand vessels were the initial speciality of our Company, the management understood at an early stage that shipowners are in need of professional services to help keep their vessels in safe and efficient condition. Accordingly, a Repairs department was established to provide our clients with prompt, reliable, and cost effective solutions for a wide range of maintenance, repair and conversion projects. We introduce the most suitable shipyards and conduct negotiations to the signing of the contract. Thereafter, we have the experienced staff to closely follow the whole repair proceedings to the client's satisfaction.

Conversions in particular are often complex and major projects that call for special care and professionalism. Our staff is second to none when it comes to handling such major and sensitive projects.


As our other departments are involved full-time in procuring and maintaining safe and remunerative fleets for our clients, chartering is the means of exploiting the assets in a remunerative way and obtaining income for the business. It requires a wide and comprehensive knowledge of the international environment and the risks as well as the opportunities that lie in wait.

Our company has a long history of experience and success in the field. In modern times our chartering activity has focused primarily on long-term time charters in support of overall projects where employment often serves as collateral in the whole deal.

However, in response to repeated requests from a number of clients, we have completely re-established our Chartering Department and have appointed highly-regarded chartering brokers to provide a complete high-quality chartering service for customers.


‘Δει δη χρημάτων και άνευ τούτων ουδέν εστί γενέσθαι των δεόντων’ 

( In a free translation : ‘Thus, money is necessary and without it nothing can be done’- the ancient orator Demosthenes in his ‘Olynthian’ speech) 

Fortunately, many of our clients can provide sufficient equity and source bank financing to fund the desired transaction. However, there are occasions when further funds are required for a specific deal or when partially funding the deal with outside finance may be expedient for other reasons.

Our financing department is highly experienced and ready at any time to assist through our cooperation with banks and other financial institutions.

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For further information visit official website: www.gmoundreas.gr

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