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Serres Circuit - Technical Characteristics

The total length of the track is 3.186,39 m with total covering area (described by axis of the road) of 194.864,47m2
The latitude of the track is 15 m at the alignment of the setting out, and 12 m for the rest of the track. The lengthwise of the axis range between 1% and 3%.
The alignment of the setting out is 662,16 m long and the rest of the alignments are:
Shortest one among the counterbalancing turns: 24,61m.
Longest one among inclining turns: 8,21m.
The total amount of the curves is 16 and is divided as follows:
Right turns 9 Curves with radius R= 40,00m.
Left turns 7 Number of curves 9
Total number 16 Curves with radius R= 50,00m.
Number of curves 2
Curves with radius R= 60,00m.
Number of curves 2
Curves with radius R= 80,00m.
Number of curves 2
Curves with radius R=100,00m.
Numbers of curves 1
The radius of the curves is 40m the shortest and 100m the longest. Among the curves one has an angle of turn of about 180 degrees while the rest of them range from 30 to 90 degrees.
The maximum number of inclining curves in rows is 3 in the bends there will be a widening in the interior of the curves proportionate to the radius of each bend. The track is boxed in with 3A size gravel, asphalt and grass for the safety of the drivers and spectators.
You may rent a racing box facility in a reduced price of 150 EUR for the entire weekend.
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